Gen Y in the Workplace

Before you even get your first job, your potential employer might have a few impressions about Generation Y. Common myths about Gen Y include: We don’t want to pay our dues, we want work to be fun and we don’t respect authority. Call us what you want, Millenials, Gen Y, Echo Boomers… but the fact is, we’re fresh to the workforce and have ideas, energy and a different perspective to share. This session will focus on looking at ourselves honestly, finding out what makes Gen Y different than those before us and what challenges we’ll face as new leaders in business. You’ll leave with a few tips on what to do (and what not to do) in your first few career experiences, and a better understanding of how to interact with other generations on the job.

Speaker Bio:

Crystal Olig focuses on client service as an account manager for the Oxiem team and works out of the Columbus, Ohio office. She helps clients through the web development and search campaign planning process, and has expertise in online content management, marketing communications, editorial strategy, public relations, social media, branding and design. Crystal is a recent import from Phoenix, where she was previously the Marketing & PR Manager for Event Solutions magazine, handling media relations, website development, annual conference marketing, branding and sales initiatives. She is an active member of the local Public Relations Society of America and is a member of the Central Ohio PRSA University Liaison committee, helping students grow their marketing communications skills and is also on the executive committee of the National PRSA New Pros special interest group.  A writer with an active personal blog at WhyGen-Y.com, she’s a recognized young leader in topics pertaining to Gen Y in the workplace.  She was recently selected and sponsored by the Dublin Chamber of Commerce to join the Dublin Leadership Academy program in 2010.


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