Event Planning for The Ohio State Fair

Serving the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair since 1997, Christina knows a thing or two about planning an award-winning event. This session will highlight the most important lessons she has learned in the 20+ years she has worked for the Fair, giving students the tools to plan, promote an execute outstanding events on any occasion.

Speaker Bio:

Christina Leeds came to the Ohio Expo Center and State Fair in 1997 where she was first involved with the fair’s summer public relations efforts, helping to coordinate media relations.  In January of 1999, Leeds was named Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, and for the next two years, coordinated all of the external and internal communications and promotions for the Expo Center & Ohio State Fair.  In December of 2000, Leeds was promoted to Marketing and Public Relations Director where she oversees the facility’s marketing and PR efforts, including advertising, creative, promotions, media relations and communications for the annual Ohio State Fair and the more than 125 events held at the Ohio Expo Center each year.  In 2005 she was promoted to Assistant General Manger, serving on the executive team that provides long-range and strategic planning for the facility. Leeds received a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University and a Master of Business Administration from Capital University.


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