Building Brand YOU

The people we know attribute certain words, phrases and beliefs to our persona, based on their own experiences.  Our personality traits, our work, the way we interact with others and even the way we dress all influence how people feel about us.  Strong human brand result in establishing trust, which leads to multiple opportunities.  Building Brand YOU is an exploration into a methodology for defining and promoting your unique human brand, both online and off.

Speaker Bio:

Nate Riggs is a communication and social web strategist with a true passion for connecting people with people, promoting genuine and transparent communication, and helping mid-sided to large companies adopt and use social web technology. Most recently, Nate partnered with the team at huber+co. interactive to help develop and launch a social media branding and awareness initiative, as well as working to build and execute marketing, on-boarding and sales strategies surrounding the launch of TweetMyTime. The application and his work has been recognized across the industry by publications like NBC’s Universal Sports, Columbus Business First, The Columbus Dispatch, ONN, Fox28 News, The Examiner and numerous other outlets. Nate holds a degree in Organizational Communication and Media from Otterbein College.


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